You can also insure a part or some of your body parts, Hell yes! This might not really be a funny stunt to pull but many have threaded on this path, many presently are and many still will! Normal people insure their homes, cars or lives. The stars, well they insure their body parts. Logically speaking, it is a kind of disability insurance.

Most Insured Body Parts | Who insured the most body part

Most Insured Body Parts | Who insured the most body part

These are the ten most expensive and frequently most insured body parts with names of celebrities that are involved in this.

Legs: legs are popular with singers, Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, and Rihanna. They have the most expensive insurance policies for their legs. The spectacular legs of Mariah are now worth $ 1 billion.

Buttock: Jennifer Lopez’s buttock is very well known, and is one of the nicest in Hollywood. She apparently has her behind insured for $300 million.

Football legs: The legs of Ronaldo and Beckham are respectively $144 million and $70 million guaranteed.

Smile: America Ferrara, also called Ugly Betty, is the face of Aqua fresh. Her perfect smile was therefore insured for $10 million. The smile of Julia Roberts is apparently valued more, it seems that she has it insured for $ 30 million.

The whole body: Daniel Craig did a lot of stunts himself for his role as James Bond in the Casino Royale back in 2006. Daniel took insurance for his entire body for the amount of $9.5 million. Many magazines had half naked pictures of Daniel Graig, it turned out to be a good marketing strategy for the movie also.

Chest hair: And back to the totally useless insurance. Rumour has it that Tom Jones has insured his famous chest. Incidentally, there are rumors that this is a false story of a British Tabloid.

Vocal cords: This is the first insurance in the list that seems to make a little sense. Bruce Springsteen seems to have his vocal cords insured for $ 6 million.

Breasts: Breast is very popular to ensure. There are three known cases, Playboy model Holly Madison is understandable, she says: “I thought I could cover my assets… They’re my primary money makers right now.” Clever. Dolly Parton insured her breasts as early as 1970. Why Madonna has insured her breasts is a mystery.

Sperm: 80’s rocker David Lee Roth insured his sperm. If the unfortunate were to happen, he will have $ 1 million to cover the costs.

Middle finger: Keith Richards from the rolling stones often uses the international “F $% k you” sign. He insured his middle finger for $1.6 million in case one day he can no longer play guitar and flip people off.