Undisputedly, the family is the pillar of an individual’s life. No matter the level or rate of suffering, the family always tries to get the best and complete protection against all odds in the uncertainty of life. If one pillar gets attacked by some health problem, then living in the family is all upside down. That is why the family will always be prepared to fight against the entire odd situation for the health of its members. For the sake of the family, one can decide to spend treasures of life on his/her family, but how about the future? This is where one decides to buy a Family Health Insurance Policy. Buying individual covers for each and every member of the family need more money invested and one have to file the premium for every one differently. But in family Health Insurance Policy, the premium amount is less, it leads to money saving and also ensures family safety.

Family Health Insurance

Family Health Insurance

Importance of Family Health Insurance

A Family Health Insurance Policy covers all the members of the family against numerous disease and illness. The Family Health Insurance Policy is also called the Family Floater policy and in it, the fixed sum is insured which provide a cover for the complete family. The premium amount of the Family Health Insurance Policy is lower as compared to other insurance plans. Anyone who ages 18years to 65 years and resides in India(for instance) can choose to buy a Family Health Insurance Policy. Family Health Insurance Policy covers up to 15 relationships, in general, that is to protect the complete family.

In the age of technology no one has time for slow life and even in the terms of the Insurance Policy, no one can afford to visit door to door of the insurance providing companies as they are so many in number that it is not easy to check them online.

PolicyX provides the customer with easy access to the world of insurance policies. One can sit back at home and check every information about the Family Health Insurance Policy with his or her family and choose the policy that suits them best. Different Family Insurances cover the different plots of life, one needs to read the terms and conditions very carefully. Some of the basic features covered under Family Health Insurance Policy is –

The Family Health Insurance Policy covers The Cost of drugs and medicines of the policyholder.
If an ambulance is required in the hour of emergency, its expense is also covered
Daycare for the whole day is provided for the policyholder
Any type of organ donation expenses for the policyholder is covered under the Family Health Insurance Policy.
It also covers the hospitalization charges of the patient that combine the consultation fees of the doctor, medical bills and even the room charge in the hospital

Some insurance companies also cover some of the critical illnesses, but it is not necessary. For instance – Tata AIG Wellsurance Family Insurance cover 11 critical diseases.
Most of the Family Health Insurance policies promise the lifelong renewal beyond the age of 65 years

As per the section 80D of the Income Tax Act, the premium amount paid for the policy will be free of tax

A free look period of 15 days is offered to the policyholder from the date he or she get the receipt of the policy so that the client can take his or her time to review the terms and conditions of the policy one tend to buy. If the policyholder is having some doubts and there is a case of dissatisfaction, policyholder wants to cancel the policy he or she buy then the insurance company will offer the refund of the premium amount that is paid. But no free look cancellation policy is applicable if the policyholder wants that at the time of renewal.

Family Health Insurance Plans

There are a number of Insurance Companies that provide the facility to the client to choose the Family Health Insurance plans. One can choose after comparing various policies from the site of policyX and can easily get the quote for the policy desired. Following are the few Insurance companies from which you can compare and buy the Family Health Insurance plans for the safety of your family –

Heartbeat Health Insurance Plan by Max Bupa: This plan cover one of the unique features of the insurance policy and that is it covers the inbuilt maternity and it provides a cover for the newborn children. There is no upper or lower age group for availing the benefit of the Family Health Insurance.

Family Floater Health Guard by Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance: It Cover the family members from age 18 to 65 years and as for the dependent children, it covers them from 3 months to 25 years

Wellsurance Family Insurance plan By Tata AIG: It is a family coverage plan and it comes in three different variants to choose from such as Classic Plans, Supreme Plans, and the Elite Plans. The best part is, this plan provides a facility of double claim to the policyholder. That means if the policyholder has filed any claim in the other health insurance policy, even when he or she can file one more claim.

Family Health Optima Insurance Plan by Star Health: It Provides a safety cover with the facility of lifelong renewability to the Policyholder. It even covers the Pre and posts hospitalization expenses of the client.

Family Floater Mediclaim Policy by New India Assurance: This cover the dependent children of the family and the old people from age 3 months to 60 years under different policy plans and covers.

Smart Health Insurance by SBI General Insurance: It covers the hospitalization expense of the policyholder that cover the room expense, hospitalization fees, doctor consultation fees from age 3 months to 65 years.


Family insurance members can also add some new member of the family like the newly wedded spouse in the Family Health Insurance Policy very easily, just by informing the insurer. Family insurance will provide a vast umbrella that is enough to save and secure the family in the heavy rains.