Whats The Worst Experience You’ve Had With Car Insurance Company

WHATS THE WORST EXPERIENCE YOU’VE HAD WITH CAR INSURANCE                                                          COMPANIES?


Worst Experience With Car Insurance Company

Insurance is good, Car insurance is superb. However, some car insurance companies can really get on one’s nerves. Many have been frustrated by some of their actions and inactions. This piece of work has gathered some worst experienced by some individuals meted on the insurance companies.


Experience one

Name: Tim Burke, Electrical Engineer

The award goes to Liberty Mutual Car Insurance, of Oregon. I was in an accident in a parking lot. The space width was small, I was pulling into space next to a van with dark tinting, I was almost in the space when the driver’s side door of the van popped open and the front of my car hit the side of the van’s door. I called my agent, did as he instructed and exchanged information, and took pictures of the scene. On the scene the other driver admitted fault, but I didn’t think to record it.

A few months later, I came to learn that the other driver had chosen to commit insurance fraud and lied to his insurance company. He claimed the accident was my fault that I had driven into his door while it was open. Liberty Mutual Insurance agreed to settle the claim without even talking to me. They had already sent the check when I talked to them, only because I thought it was strange that no one had called to talk to me about the claim. Thus I embarked on a nearly two-year journey that was a pain and a distraction from my life, driven purely by the principle of not letting these people off.

I ended up having to pay for the repairs to my vehicle out of pocket, rent a car while my vehicle was repaired, and prepare a lengthy and detailed documented proof that showed that it was not plausible that the other driver’s version of the event was true, using essentially Euclidian geometry. It was one of my finer “do not fuck with me” moments.


Experience Two

Name: Ren Fin, RN, BSN

A sweet older man who lived next door backed out of his driveway and into the side of my car. It crushed the entire right side. He drove a big farm truck and I drove a little Mazda, so it was honestly a complete accident. My car was also older and not in awesome shape, so it wasn’t worth much. In order to avoid declaring my car totaled (due to the repairs costing more than a certain amount of my car’s value), the insurance adjuster told me that my car would be worth more after the repair because it had some new parts put on it. He made it sound like I’d really struck gold here. I asked him to meet me in town so that I could plow into his Lincoln and increase the value of it. He didn’t appreciate my generous offer. I wonder why?


Experience Three  

Name: Jill E Griffin, Owned by two, elderly border collies

About 15 years ago I lived in a condo my mother owned. The hot water heater gave out one day and flooded the first floor, causing quite a bit of damage. No problem. I had insurance, right? Wrong! I was informed that the insurance product I had was incorrect. I had product A, and should have had product B. So sorry! But… I bought the product the agent advised. Corporate said again, so sorry! See, the agent thought you owned the unit, but since you only rent, it was the wrong policy. So sorry!

Part of my job was dealing with health insurance companies, often fighting them to get this or that treatment covered. So I asked the state’s insurance commission, who informed me that insurance agents are required to carry something like malpractice insurance for just such occasions as mine. Back to corporate, only this time I asked about the malpractice coverage. Well now, that changed everything! Of course, they were happy to backdate the correct policy and cover everything. After all, they were there to serve loyal customers such as myself.

So the repairs were made, and all was well, or so I thought.

A few months later I received a HUGE bill in the mail from the insurance company. Several thousand dollars over what they had paid out to fix the tiny first floor. So I called them up, and was told when they went back and changed the policy to what it should have been, why, this was the difference! Thing is….the policy we had, condo insurance is generally more expensive than the renter’s policy I was apparently supposed to have. The monthly price they were asking.., no one in their right mind would charge or pay was the insurance company was trying to tell me I had to pay.

I had hesitated to bring the insurance commission in this so far, in that I had not filed a complaint. Well, I did then. I never did have to pay that outrageous bill, but the insurance company was fined for “egregious something “. I did have to make a notarized statement, provide copies of their correspondence, etc. And I will never again do business with that company.


Experience four

Name: Chris Ridenour, fast cars, cheap thrills

A couple years ago, I ended my GEICO auto policy in favor of a locally owned and operated https://www.quora.com/profile/Cris-Ridenourinsurance company-that was $30 cheaper a month.

I called GEICO member services and respectfully canceled my policy, and they so graciously covered me for an additional month in which I was billed for (at an extra $50). When I called member services again to get this erroneous charge knocked off because I really didn’t need double coverage that month, they kindly responded by sending this BS charge to collections and putting a ding in my credit score.

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