What Is Trusted Insurance | Benefits Of Gadget Insurance

What Is Trusted Insurance

What Is Trusted Insurance | Benefits Of Gadget Insurance


As people‚Äôs lifestyles are changing and so are their insurance needs, It is not uncommon these days for each of us to own and carry around thousands of dollars’ worth of gadgets each day, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, Sat-Navs and game consoles being the most common. Yet many of us do not have gadget insurance protection and when one or more of these devices gets accidentally damaged, lost, or stolen from us, it’s then too late to get cover and you are left with either an expensive repair bill or with having to buy a replacement gadget outright.

Gadgets have really become part of our everyday life. All of us rely on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other smart devices in our everyday lives. It’s only then when having to live without a particular gadget such as your mobile phone or laptop for potentially weeks or months (if you need to wait for payday to get a new one) that you realize you have become totally dependent on your gadgets in your everyday life. Hence, they need to quickly repair or replace one of these expensive devices when it is lost, stolen or breaks down, means it is more important than ever to have a good quality comprehensive gadget insurance cover, from a provider you trust, who can quickly repair or replace your device with the minimum of hassle.

By buying a Trusted Insurances single or bundle policy to cover your devices you can avoid all the hassle and expense by simply filling a claim form online via our 24/7 claims portal. Your claim will be promptly assessed within two working days and if all is in order a replacement device dispatched or instructions on where to send in your device to be repaired. It’s that simple. Trusted Gadget Insurance has been designed with this in mind, we have created a selection of policies tailored to suit people’s ever-changing lifestyles with different levels of cover, fair and simple terms offered along with a high-quality service, at a price still far cheaper than many other insurance providers.




The benefits are quite numerous. The fact still remains that one does not know or have the slightest inclination when his device will get stolen or impaired hence, the urgent need to grab these insurance packages In order to mitigate this future occurrence. Some of the benefits are itemized below.


  1. Unlimited number of claims

The number of claims you can make is unlimited, there are no limits on the number of accidental damage OR theft OR loss claims in any one year unlike many of our competitors who hide this in the small print.


  1. 93% of all claims approved

Our policies provide true peace of mind should something unfortunate happen and you need to claim. To back this up, unlike many of our competitors we publish our claim percentages online and last year we approved over 93% of all claims that were fully completed and assessed.

  1. Highly skilled engineers

Our expert engineers are continuously trained on repairing all the latest technology to ensure that your gadgets are returned to you looking and functioning as you would expect. We also only use high quality carefully sourced replacement parts.

  1. 12-month warranty on replacements

As such all our replacements are backed by a 12-month warranty and if you are not happy with the quality of any repair or replacement phone we will swap it for another free of charge.

  1. Free collect and return on laptops

We do not charge for the UK return postage costs on any device (although you will need to pay the cost of sending the device to us). On laptops and MacBooks, we offer a FREE collect and return to your doorstep via our specialized courier service to ensure your laptop is safe and secure.

  1. Repairs at Apple Genius Bars

Provided you have got your claim authorized by us first, then if more convenient you can choose to get your device repaired at an Apple Genius bar and we will then reimburse you the cost.

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It is quite pertinent to grab a gadget insurance because you do not know when the next big shot will happen.