Social media sites are worth hundreds of billions of dollars. They are making all this cash from you without your knowledge. The secret is simple: Advertising and marketing. They give you the platform to socialize and entertain yourself while they make billions by showing you products and services you can patronize. In modern world marketers and promoters are one of the richest people in the world. Facebook and other social media owners are simply online marketers and promoters in disguise but billions who use these sites are ignorant of this. You can easily join this workforce and I will show you how you can be really successful. The good thing about working on social media is that you can do them full time or part-time. The world is changing very fast and becoming smarter than ever before and for you to be among the top you need to follow the trend. You need to join this unstoppable force and all this can be done by tapping buttons and some touches on your screen. All you need to do is create your personal followers within there own. It’s free to create, they are not restricting or charging you. You can build something big and become an online CEO without stress. Be whatever you want to be and can even afford to employ people with the money you have made to help with the work in case you can’t meet up.
Social media is all about bringing people together and sharing information. This can be done by those who don’t even have a single skill. Social media marketing involves making money through advertising and creating awareness. For you to achieve this you will have a large number of followers or be able to reach as many people as possible. There are several social media platforms and am going to take you through them.
how to get followers and be able to reach out to millions of people. How you can keep your followers active and how you can convince them to do whatever you want them to do.
I will do this for the different social media platforms. Let’s see the different social media sites:
Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, YouTube, flipboard, reddit, tumblr.

The secret is creating interesting, entertaining, educating or trending posts that will attract people and keep bringing them back for more. Sometimes in life the best way of building yourself is to build others, this is one of the secrets of social media success, building others with entertainment while you make money from it, this is fun as well. You have to choose a niche(category) that you will have to concentrate on. You have to post what you like but you have to understand that there are topics that most people like and will be willing to follow you regularly-

  • Funny posts/comedy.
  • Relationship/sex talk
  • Amazing stuff like wonders happening around the world
  • Trending stuff.
  • Prayers/inspirational stories and events.
  • Question and answers/advice
  • Fashion and style
  • Making money/finance/buy/sell
  • Educative or how to do stuffs
  • Annoying posts that are bizarre.

These can be done with words and pictures and videos. But pictures and videos are much better. Funny, inspirational and educative videos are the most trending online with millions of views. You can make your own posts or you can share the one done by others. Alternatively, you can copy other posts or download other videos and post it on your own platform after all its social media. All you have to do is acknowledge the original owner. Interactive posts are always the best or posts that come with questions. This is because it gives you comments and likes thereby creating active followers that will see all your future posts.
Advertise and promote peoples products
When you start having large followers and reactions from these users, companies and individuals will contact you to promote there products and services. By this, you become a social media influencer.
Its the biggest social media site with over 2 billion people. There are many ways to get people here. Personal account, page and group. Personal account is limited at 5000 so it’s not enough.
Creating a page is better. This is easy and free to do. Only the admin and the people allowed can post on pages. You can grow your page by Posting attractive posts regularly and sharing it on other people’s profile and groups. Asking your friends to be active by commenting and sharing will make some of there friends follow your page. Paying Facebook to sponsor your page will create a wider reach. You can also pay pages with larger followers to be sharing your posts. Tagging people on posts. But this can annoy some of them so make sure the posts are generally acceptable and don’t tag the same person twice unless he/she is known personally. Having active members is very important because the posts will only appear on their wall. Active members are those who have commented, liked or at least visit the page. The best way of making the members active is by posting interactive posts or posts with questions. Annoying posts is also good because it will provoke members or arouse their curiosity to action.
START A GROUP: This is the fastest in terms of growth because you don’t need to invite people to join, you just add them and they become part of it automatically. The super advantage is that members can add their friends as many as they can. With small tips or incentives to the members, they can add millions for you. You can share your posts to other groups to get members. Tag as many people as you like, more than 50, it gives a wide reach. Others can share the group’s posts attracting more people to the group. The only downside is that others will be posting as well. The good news is that you can block them from posting, just go to the group settings and you will see the options. The one who opens the group is the admin and he has the ultimate power. We have moderators who’s jobs description is determined by the admin. The admins can set the group in such a way that the moderators can post with or without approval, add and accept members, delete posts and comments but cannot delete the admin. Only an admin can delete an admin or moderator. Admin can make other members admin or moderator. Groups can have more than one admin or moderators. Members can post and add there friends with or without approval by admins or moderators. We have different types of Facebook groups: open group, closed group and secret group.
In open group, anybody can see the group posts without being a member. For them to be active in the group they must join. Members can share posts and tag people to the posts. It is always advisable to start with open groups so you can gather as many members as possible.
Closed group. In this case, only members can see the posts and participate in the group. The posts cannot be shared by members but they can still add there friends or posts on the group if it’s allowed by the admin.
Secret group. Non-members cannot join the group directly. Only members of the group can add people to the group. The posts are not shareable.


This site has over 700 million members and its worth tens of billions of dollars. Its still one of the biggest social media site. Opportunities here are huge to grow your account and get as many followers as possible. There is no limit to the number of followers. It’s easy to open an account, it can be opened directly or Facebook account can easily be used, they are owned by the same company. You can open a personal account or an account on whatever topic you like or what you want to promote.

1. Choose a niche(category): this can be anything I listed earlier like jokes or fashion. Your followers will like you and recognize your posts easily. It makes people that like that particular niche follow you easily because they want to see more of that.
1. post interesting contents mostly pictures and videos.
2. Tag followers on posts. They will see your posts as well as there followers. Their followers can follow you if they like your content.
3. Post Constantly: it will keep your followers happy and entertained. They will share your posts thereby giving you more audience.
4. Using hashtags: it means that hashtag, your post or profile will show. Eg #joke, whoever searches for jokes, your posts will come up.
5. Following others to follow you back. When you follow others, they will follow you back if they like your posts.
6. You can pay for your account or post to be promoted by the company or bigger accounts. They have provisions for this and are even begging you to pay. Secondly, Look for larger accounts that are in the same or related niche with your account, pay them to share your posts or mention and encourage their members to follow your account Eg if you are into fashion, you can pay models with large followers to promote your account.
7. Share other popular accounts post. Their fans will also like to follow you.
8. Interact with your fans with replies and likes.

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It’s another heavyweight in social media and similar to Instagram with millions of active users. Once your account is created, start following people and tweeting(posting). It’s very easy to use.

1. Update your twitter profile with a nice picture and little info about yourself, it will encourage people to follow you more.
2. follow people and some of them will follow you back. Follow people with the same interest that you have, example if you are into funny stuff, go to accounts that deal with jokes and follow their followers, they are more likely to follow you back.
3. Stick to a category. Just choose a category so that people will know you with that. I have listed the category earlier. It’s good for people to know you for something so that they can come back for more of that.
4. Tag people to your posts in order to get their attention. The posts will appear on their wall, their friends can see it also.
5. Post regularly with interesting stuffs. Posts that provoke responses or ask questions are always the best. Pictures and videos will get you more attention and followers.
6. Retweeting posts from popular people that have similar interests with you. It will get more interest in your tweets. The mentality will be if you retweet the post, you and the popular guy have the same interest and some of his fans and followers will follow you. Add some extra info to the retweet, use creative methods like ‘I love this post’, ‘this is a bang’.
7. Engage with your followers with replies, like there comments. It will make them retweet your posts and come back for more.

This is mainly a picture and video sharing social media platform. Shareholic published a study that showed Pinterest as the number 2 social media traffic referer behind only Facebook, driving more than 5 times as much traffic as many referers on twitter. Last year my Pinterest generated more than 1 million views with over 15,000 subscribers. It’s very easy to use, just pin(post) your picture or video on your board(wall) with a caption or hashtag for your followers or people with such interest to see. The advantage of Pinterest is that even if your followers are not much, your pins(post) will still be seen by a lot of people. The pins are saved to boards(personal groups) you create for yourself. Normal social media function can be performed by following people or their boards, like or comment on other user’s pins, repining(sharing) posts to your own board, sharing pins on other social media sites like facebook, twitter and even embedding videos on your website or blog.
1. Post original content: most posts on Pinterest are repins(shared posts) so a great way to stand out is to post original content. Photos, quotes, videos, contents you find online on other social media, infographics. Infographics is using pictures and words in form of a diagram to explain your point. It’s one of the most effective Eg:
2. Repin content from others: with this method, the number of activities on your profile is increased which attracts more interest from people and also the original poster to follow you. Edit the description on the post and keywords.
3. Post regularly: this increases the number of people visiting your boards, increasing your engagement.
4. Use keywords in describing your pins(posts): Use relevant search terms in your description so that people who search for that particular kind of post can find yours. Pinterest ranks pins and ranking for pins can change regularly and most of the search traffic from pins will often come from related keywords. Pinterest tries to keep pins fresh based on what is popular and getting repinned and favorites but try to include some keywords from time to time so that your pins have a chance of coming up for pin searches
5. Create interesting boards: create different types of boards with enough pins saved on it. This will encourage people to follow you. You can create as many boards as possible, one board for a particular category.
6. Pin and follow trends: pin trending posts even if means changing your pinning activities and creating new boards.

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1. Pinterest affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is about referring people to buy a product once the product is bought, you get a commission. This is done online by sharing the affiliate links. The good news is that Pinterest allows affiliate links. Create pins related to the affiliate product you are marketing, those interested in the pin will be interested in buying the product.
2. Sell your products and services: sell your physical items on Pinterest. Products in demand like tech, fitness items can sell very fast. Sell your services as well which are mostly software. Pin whatever you can do on boards and an admirer can contact you for the services.
3: Advertising and promoting contents:
With much followers and responses in comments, likes and repins companies and individuals can contact to promote there products or contents.

Its the most popular and biggest video sharing site on the web. Their followers are called subscribers. Even without many subscribers, a lot of people can be reached. Videos have been viewed billions of times and your videos can be part of these views. Your earnings aren’t determined mainly by the number of subscribers but by the level of engagements.
How to increase your subscribers
1. choose a niche: absolutely necessary. Apart from the Niches I mentioned earlier we have
– review of latest stuff like techs, shoes, sports
– compilation of best or worst events in entertainment, sports, movies, music, games, events.
– summary of events like a speech given in political events, weddings, sports events etc.
You can use pictures collected online to make videos. If you deal with gadget reviews, go to the original company website, collect the pictures and use it to form a video with your words or just type the gadget specifications inside the video on each of the pictures. You can also download the original videos, use an app to cut out the important part you need then use it to form your own video.
There are free video-making apps you can download on your phone or computer. Go to play store if you are using android to search for free video making app or use Google to search and download the software on your computer.
2. Post original videos. You can create videos and its very easy or Download videos from social media accounts of others and post on your YouTube account. Most people on sm don’t have a YouTube account. The video has to be related to your niche.
3. Save videos from other accounts related to yours. If you are into fashion, save video on styles, fashion events, etc.

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How to make money on YouTube
1. Sell products and services: products like t-shirts, gadgets, fashion, sell fast. Just make a fine simple sample video of the item. Advertising your personal premium services will convince people to patronize you. Stuffs like design, setting up websites and other software services. Open a channel on ‘how to do’ different stuffs, it will promote you better.
2. Advertising for others: Once your channel has a high level of engagement, companies or individuals can pay for adverts and promotions. Put the notice on your channel.
3. YouTube Google AdSense: Register as a YouTube partner which is done in the creator studio section of your youtube account by going to the channel menu to very your account and enable monetization. After you become a partner, you will need to have an AdSense account to join the Google advertising network to actually get paid and see ad revenue. Once that’s done, you will notice a green $ next to your videos in the video manager, indicating whether its been enabled for monetization, which you can click on to access the monetization settings for each video.
According to YouTube, your content could get excluded from ads if it includes
• Sexually suggestive content, including partial nudity and sexual humor.
• Violence like display of serious injury and events related to violent extremism.
• Inappropriate language including harassment, profanity and vulgar language.
• Promotion of drugs and regulated substances including selling, use and abuse of such items.
• Controversial or sensitive subjects and events including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown.
4. Affiliate links: you can post your affiliate links on YouTube. Make a video similar to the products being marketed then attach the affiliate links to the post and you make sales.